Boutique Shopping for the Mom-To-Be

Something you should know about me is I am a HUGE fan of boutique shopping. I prefer to purchase my clothes at boutiques over large department stores simply because it is typically a more affordable route to shopping and boutiques tend to have more unique items to choose from. With that being said, when I became pregnant I was at a loss for where to shop. I looked at some of the chain maternity stores and I was not impressed with what they had to offer – nothing against those stores, it just wasn’t my style. I have bought various staple items from some of the popular maternity stores but I was missing out on those fun, trendy pieces that I'm used to having in my closet. Since I conveniently work at a boutique I started randomly trying on some of our items and found that if I sized up they still fit me perfectly! Here are a few tips I have learned when shopping for regular clothing with a growing pregnant belly:

Seek out those longer tunics.

When trying on shirts, go for the shirts that are a little longer and have a bit of flow to them AKA tunics. Also, when trying on, go ahead and size up one size. Don’t feel like you have to go straight to the largest size. Many times the next size up will fit your growing belly perfectly. Like I said earlier, I normally wear a small and I am now in my third trimester and I can comfortably wear a medium in most of the tunics I have tried on.

Floral Chic Top

Here are links to a few of my current faves: Floral Chic (pictured above) | Dreaming of the Sea | Dream LandOcean Avenue 

Those cute, short t-shirt style dresses work great as maternity tops!

That’s right! Pair one of those cute dresses with your favorite pair of skinny’s and sandals or wedges and you’ve got the perfect maternity outfit. Most of the time I can wear my normal size in these dresses. I typically tie a knot on one side right below my bump to make it look more like a cute, trendy shirt and less like an over sized dress over my jeans. The great thing about this is you can keep on wearing the dress as an actual dress postpartum. That takes away a lot of the guilt of buying clothes while pregnant for me.


 And of course, I had to share a few of my favorites: Dress Me Up (pictured above) | Simply CasualFloral Desire | Lucky In Love (pictured below) 

Pants – just don’t do it in your second or third trimester.

So let me clarify – please wear pants during your second and third trimester, but don’t put yourself through trying on regular jeans in a larger size. It’s a waste of time (and money) and it can be a bit depressing! Jeans are the only item I have not been buying in the later part of my pregnancy. My growing belly has grown so much that the rubber banding of the jeans trick (you know this one if you have ever experienced pregnancy) just doesn’t cut it anymore – that trick quit working in the later part of my second trimester. I do wear maternity jeans but luckily they have grown with my growing bump throughout my entire pregnancy. I have a couple of pair that I rotate through during the week so I feel like I’m getting my monies worth out of them! And while we are on the topic, can we just take a moment to admire how comfy those pregnancy jeans really are?! I was a little ashamed to buy a pair at first because they are not at all flattering on the hanger, but as soon as I tried a pair on, I was SOLD! If you are prego and haven’t tried out maternity jeans, please go treat yourself to a pair this weekend (buying tip: you should be able to wear your normal size in maternity jeans).

Invest in a good tank or cami.

I have a very petite frame. My shoulders are especially small and narrow so when I go a size up in tops, I usually run into the issue of the arm holes being a little bit baggy. I solved this issue by wearing a simple cami under the top so that the arm holes don’t reveal anything I don’t want showing. 

So my point in saying all of this is, don’t feel like you can’t enjoy boutique shopping just because you have a precious growing bump. Continue to buy some of your favorite brands from your favorite local stores and keep on embracing your personal style!

Happy shopping, mommas! xx


Hillary is the Social Media Director at Twisted J. She is a soon-to-be first time mom, dog lover, crafter, antique collector, and hamburger connoisseur. She has been with the Twisted J family since September of 2016.



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